Research Adventure

In this section we will showcase past and present travels by Mr Tay! Join him in his exciting Gemological adventures throughout the world!

Jade and its treatments talk in Hanoi 2009

Mr Tay receiving a plaque of appreciation upon delivering a lecture. Watch it now!

Myammar Jade Auction March 2009

Gemological Institute of Thailand 2008

Beijing Jewellery Show 2008

Mr Tay went to Thailand recently for a conference, here he takes you to a gem factory where the Beryllium diffused sapphire is manufactured!

Recently Mr Tay visited an elephant hospital in Thailand. Come and join him in this photo journal!

Join Mr Tay in Myanmar as he goes to Mogok, the ruby mining town, a place not many foreign gemologist would visit!

Here in Indonesia, Mr Tay checks out the gem and diamond trade. Here are some pictures of mining activities around Martapura!

The 28th International Gemmological Conference (Madrid, Spain)

The 27th International Gemmological Conference

The 26th International Gemmological Conference

APEC Melbourne 2000
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APEC Beijing 2000
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